Attorney's Office JUDr. Martin BARTKO - JUDr. Silvia BARTKOVÁ provides a broad range of legal services solely on a professional level. The aim of the office is to achieve maximum success of its clients in regard to their biggest satisfaction. The primary interest of the office is therefore the interest of a client, which is superior to the office interest.

     Attorney's Office provides its legal services for domestic and foreign natural persons and corporate bodies, as well as state institutions throughout the whole area of the Slovak Republic. The premises of the attorney’s office are equipped with the most modern office and telecommunication technology granting prompt, operational and mainly effective solving of the problems of its clients. Office provides its services in fluent Slovak, Czech and English language.

    Attorneys Office consists of a young dynamic team of co-workers who thanks to their knowledge, experience, determination and energy can fully satisfy all demands of their clients, even the most difficult ones, and all that on the background of a constantly changing legal system of the society. The head of the attorney office is attorney Mr. JUDr. Martin Bartko.