Attorney's Office JUDr. Martin BARTKO - JUDr. Silvia BARTKOVÁ provides its legal services in principle for remuneration. The way of quoting and the size of remuneration, compensations for the immediate payments and compensations for losses of time states regulation n. 655/2004 of the Statute-book about remunerations and compensations of attorneys for the provision of legal services as amended. In the meaning of enactment of this regulation, the remuneration of the attorney’s office is determined by mutual agreement with client on the base of demands of the case solved, the value of the things regarding the case and the costs needed for its settling. In accordance with the mentioned regulation it is possible to agree the remuneration for the provision of legal services as following:

-     Hourly remuneration (according to the number of hours functionally expended to solve the case)
-     Lump fee (for the provision of legal services in certain time-period or for the complete solving of the case or settling of the case)
-     Ordinary share (in a form of the share on the value of the thing)
-     tariff (setting of a value of one transaction of legal services)
-     combined remuneration

In a case that clients demand for the provision of legal service aims at provision of only one-off advice in English language without the potential acting for him or without the written output, attorneys office charges 60,- EUR for each began hour of provision of legal services.

In cases of distinctive regards provides attorney’s office simple legal advisory for free.